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Hecks and Gynx

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Hecks and Gynx

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Just a promotional piece for todays update. Will have more comical Polluckomic art up later. If one becomes interested in contracting the talent shown; creator (has done comertial art before) can be contacted @ sifting13@yahoo.com /I.E. for comertial use of this piece. Just thought that it wouldn't hurt to through a line out there. This is more to the nature of what I would like my once a week or more updated comic to looklike. It should get better as I progress in the application ofadministration. There will eventually be a story line; though here in the beginning, I'll warm up my skills with my cutting edge humor. I just hope it's not to zesty for the newcomber. So everything should be beachy Keen for the time being. Wash ashore again if you like; it may get dirty. Cut and pace.....

Your Shadowfall Gateway

I'm going absolutelly crazy with this aura sapping circuitry!Thanks to my friend at KyokiPress I have a link for you to his Shadowfall (Spie Future Agent Style)Comic.

Your Link to Coast to Coast AM with George & Barbara. FFRRRTT! Fudebakudo: the penultimate martial art